About me

"I am young, it is true, but to the well-born souls awareness and wisdom do not wait for the number of years to pass."

inspired by Pierre Corneille

Lorelei Aeby,
Speaker - Facilitator - Interpreter - Life transformator 

"When you stop hiding, gifts and blessings get delivered"

I was alive, then I found the tools of Access Consciousness©, I found ME and now I am truly living!

My becoming story isn't a dramatic one, nor is it super plain. In the end it is just that, a story. And as such it is only as significant and defining of who I was supposed to become as one desires to make it.

What if your story could also be that? What ever brought you here, whatever you went through or did not go through, the good, the bad and the ugly, you can put all of this aside for just 10 seconds and truly ask yourself


"What would I like my life to be like?"

And hold on to that energy. Grasp it with both hands, perceive it in your whole life and body and choose it now. Choose that whatever it takes and no matter what it's going to look like you are getting that life you know is possible and I am here to give you a push, a boost, whatever you require to start, to keep going and to ask for even greater. 

I'm so look forward to you creating and generating your dream life! Is now the time? Let's get started!! 

All of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory ! ®
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