"I am young, it is true, but to the well-born souls awareness and wisdom do not wait for the number of years to pass."

inspired by Pierre Corneille




  1. make (an action or process) easy or easier.

" If you could have your life your way, how would that be ? "

The tools I use are not designed to bring up the past and dwelve on it.
The past is passé, as a good friend of mine often says.

What is the future you desire to create? And what if this future isn't 20 years from now but right these 10 secondes ?

If you could have anything, and you had the tools and tricks and tipps to support your ask and help you make it happen, would you choose to make those dreams come reality ?

This is what I aim to be when I facilitate a private session or a group seminar. I desire to empower you with all ou require to create the life you truly KNOW is possible.


from 2012 - 2015  complete course on aromatherapy at ERA (150h +)

from 2012 - 2015  Science Department in the Fribourg University of Switzerland

from 2016 - today various practitioner and facilitator courses of the tools and modalities of Access Consciousness®

                 licences : facilitator and practitioner of the Access Bars®

                               facilitator and practitioner of the body processes

                               practitioner of the Access Energetic Facelift®
                               practitioner of the SOP (Symphonie des Possibilités)

                               practitioner of the Pragmatic Psychology

  • studying psychology at Fernuni Bern - Switzerland (2nd semester)

  • studying to become an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator - 2021


Work Experience

Private and group tutoring (including children which have been diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, ASS, OCD ...) for 12 years.

Language classes (French, Germand for 12 years and since 5 years also English)

Consulting and coaching in well-being, school and relationships since 2011

Aromatherapy consultant and creator of well-being and cosmetics workshops with essential oils since 2014

Practitioner and facilitator of Access Bars® classes since 2016

practitioner of the Access energetic Facelift® since 2017

Practitioner and facilitator of Access body process classes since 2018

Practitioner of the energetic Symphonie of Possibilies since Nov 2019

Pragmatic Psychology Practitioner since June 2020 


WHERE TO FIND ME: Gewerbestrasse 15, 3600 Thun | lorelei.aeby@outlook.com | +41 79 461 83 70

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