Your Body desires to contribute to you.

Whatever it is you desire to change, your body has to be in for the ride. More often than not your body will either be the lock maintaining things as they are or the key to change them all.

Bodywork will allow you to change things more dynamically and more rapidely. Below you will find a quick overview of the sessions provided.

Access Bodyprocesses

Fear, anxiety, sadness, grief...these are only few of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that can get stuck and solifidy in your body.


When you allow them to dissipate in your body, you also get free psychologicaly and can move beyond them with more ease.


Access energetic Facelift®

This process is the embodyment oft softness, caring and receiving.


Don't let the name fool you, it does far more than just make you feel and look younger.


The Access Facelift works in every cell of your body and nurtures it from head to toe.


It also is a brilliant alternative of hug therapy for anyone looking for the stress relief and caring hold of a hug while not being comfortable being cuddled.

Access Bars®

Bars have been proved to be a very successful stress, anxiety and depression reliever.


Running your Bars allows your brain waves to slow down and achieve in a few minutes a deep relaxing stade of letting go.


In this state of being many thoughts, feelings and emotions which are weighting you down and making you feel stressed and anxious can now be dissipated and released.

Symphonie of Possibilities

Best experienced live. Also available online.

For the times when neither talking nor bodywork will fully be capable of unlocking whatever it is you are looking for and demanding to change.

And also just for the fun of opening more doors and asking for more possibilities. Just because you can.

WHERE TO FIND ME: Gewerbestrasse 15, 3600 Thun | lorelei.aeby@outlook.com | +41 79 461 83 70

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